Costs and Documents Required
When you have found that desired property and to avoid any delay Bastion Property Management require the following

  • All applicants are 18 years and over
  • Photographic ID and document showing current address
  • Completed application form
  • One month's rent in advance and Security Deposit (one and a half months rent) is required prior to entry.

The tenant is responsible for insuring their own personal belongings and furnishings.

Television Licence
The tenant is responsible for the television license.

Council Tax, Electoral Roll & Utilities
It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay all utilities and the Council Tax direct to the relevant companies. Proof of payment will be needed to allow Bastion Property Management to refund the deposit.

Tenancy Agreement
This is a contract setting out the landlord and tenant obligations. This must be signed prior to entry into a property.

Rental Payments
All rents are paid in advance by standing order on or before the due date.

Tenant's Obligations
The Tenant should always be aware that responsibility for the property remains with the tenant during any tenancy. It is particularly important that any problems are reported immediately and the property is fully secure at all times.

The Agent's Obligations
The obligation of Bastion Property Management will depend on which service we are asked to provide by the landlord.

Bastion Property Management may hold keys depending on the level of service we provide for the Landlord.

Three Monthly Property Check
Properties managed by Bastion Property Management will require a three month property check. The purpose of this is to confirm the cleanliness, garden maintenance and the way in which the tenancy is being conducted and reported to the landlord.

Inventory and Schedule of Condition
An inventory and schedule of condition for the property, its contents, furniture, fittings and effects will normally have been prepared. This should be checked and signed as this may affect your deposit at the checkout.

Should the property be burgled during the tenancy, you should contact the Police to obtain an incident number to pass onto Bastion Property Management immediately.

Unless Bastion Property Management has contacted you for access for either a contractor or a scheduled visit; do not allow access to the property for your own safety.